Sunday, 27 September 2015

Last Days of Summer?

I was fortunate to spend the weekend up in Thornbury, on Lake Huron, where my step daughter and her husband have a vacation home. The vistas and woods in that area have been an endless source of inspiration through the years. Who could want for ideas when you wake up to this scene. (Not a bad result with my little Cannon powershot. PS it's 7:00 AM and dead quiet. Lovely.)

 I could get REALLY used to this but I'd probably get really lazy too.

They are avid sports enthusiasts and are currently training for an Ironman. I get tired thinking of it.

This is my morning speed. COFFEE and slow handwork. Yes, that IS a DEAR JANE block. I am still at it. Less than 100 to go!!  On the way home.....the markets!

While the autumn colour hasn't arrived, the apples have. And too, the gourds and fall vegetables.

Thornbury is at the end of the Beaver Valley. Hard to find a great shot without trespassing on all the ski resorts or private playgrounds.