Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Stitching Sky

Not dyeing this time but stitching.
Rows and row of close stitches to make an interesting sky.

Sept 24 - added pink

This is cheap, pale blue broadcloth, with close to 3 hours + 2 hr work.
Blue, pale blue, white, pale yellow and lime green. No line is more than 1/4 inch from the other.

I wasted the first hour (and the first dew inches) "tuning" my machine. It only likes to straight track to the right. It eats the thread going to the left.....! It won. I promised it I would only stitch going from the left side to the right. Sigh!

I have used this fabric several times and knew I would make more. It will probably take around a week. I can't work on it continuously. I've got almost 3 yds of blue on the machine.
Last time I made this, I used batting and canvas but it was clumsy to work with afterwards. This time I only used batting....well not really. I found a sale on moving blankets, pressed fibre with some mixed colour. It was really cheap. ( Notice a theme here? ) I certainly wouldn't consider using it in a quilt but for this purpose? We'll see.

Here are some samples of where I used it before.