Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ideas for my Workshop

If there is one thing I've noticed about dedicated workshops, people want to come away with a product, not necessarily finished, but something that showcases what they did all day. I imagine my friends are no different.
I spent a number of hours trying to decide how I could facilitate that urge with the very narrow focus of this workshop. IE Trees. ( See August) I rather suspect we won't get past evergreens, though I'm always prepared to go farther.

I'm providing a number of samples of stabilizers to play with, so I thought I may as well provide a selection of background on which they can put their new skills to work.
But a branch or a tree isn't really something you would put on a wall.....that is unless there was something sitting on YOUR branch. So today I decided to make, and worked out a quick method to provide each of my friends with a bird to place on their branch.
( And in the spirit of fairness,..... I'm making 9 of the same bird.) No fighting ladies!
These are rather lightweight but they will serve my purpose.

I wanted a bird that would stand out on several backgrounds. The Chickadee won.

Ain't he a cutie?