Saturday, 19 September 2015

Using Cheater Fabric

I really shouldn't be so negative re-using cheater fabric. There are times when it's perfect.
This is not thread painting, but the fabric will be finished with "sketching".

If you're not familiar with the term it refers to all those wonderful prints of all things from nature: trees, flowers, sky, water, rock, animals, landscapes, mountains, cities, buildings houses, anything you can see outside your window.

I was gifted this fabulous FQ. Alas, only a FQ. I will have to hunt it down and get MORE.

Thick, dense forest. Perfect for the base of the falls.

I only need about 4 inches so I just cut it off the top!

A primary cut established the shape of the forest against the rock and water. But its still needs more massaging.

Fussy, FUSSY cutting is necessary to give a real sense of foliage. If the print is good, there is no question where to trim and where to remove large chunks. After all, the top edge of a forest is not straight line.

When it's placed on your work is was worth all the tiny little cuts.

Now this is starting to come together as a natural and realistic scene. Time to start stitching.