Monday, 31 August 2015

Tidying up Some Loose Ends Before Going Off LIne

Tad of a crisis here.
It rained in my studio last night.
The dishwasher died a messy, wet death..

But I managed to finish up a donaton piece made by my friends on their yearly Algonguin retreat.

A simple quilt, one of three. ( I"ll see the other two in a few days.)

 This is part of the backing. Bears and more bears, Soooooooooo

I Quilted MORE Bears.
Fun stuff.

Not so fun was the water from the dishwasher raining in my studio.
Lost a lot of sleep last night, but we're on the road to drying. (It's so humid in here, my lips have never felt so good.)
Meet my NEW best Friend...the SHOP VAC.

Thirsty little devil.
But everything had to be picked up from the floor. Thankfully, most of my fabric and stuff is in plastic bins. That was a real life saver.

All the foam tiles had to be removed, cleaned and dried in the sun today. They'll stay in this stack probably until its time to turn the furnace on, just to make sure everything is DRY. Don't want any mold.
But for the near future, I can't DO anything here. Boxes and stuff on all my work surfaces.

There are other areas of the basement that need purging, and that will take up all my time in the next little while.
But my head keeps planning..........
I will be back!!