Saturday, 19 September 2015

Detail - Takakkaw Falls

There is another whole day of work on this but I tackled some of the important areas first.

The trees at the bottom needed to be anchored. The whole of the forest fabric needs detailing. It's only done at the edge to make it permanent. The organza water is forced behind and between the trees.

The cracks and shadows MAY be finished. Not really happy with the rectangular shadow. Working on this area opened another Pandora's box as to how much detail needs to be in the rest of the rock. I added two more faults (cut sections), before I realized I didn't actually need to cut the material. I can probably just use black thread.. I'll think about that one.

The top edge was anchored with tiny trees or with a blind stitch in mono filament. And the sky was completed.

Trees are straightforward. The rock is not. 
11:00PM - That heavy shadow bothered me so much I cut away half the netting. This looks much better and also shows me how to finish the rest of the cliff face.