Sunday, 13 September 2015

Green Parfait

I decided I would use my "go-to" colour........GREEN.
I made two sets of slightly different dye. I used the same 2 base colours to see how close the variations would be. The first was cerulean and bright yellow 1:2 ratio and the other was cerulean blue and bright yellow 1:4 ratio. Promise of Spring!

I did three pieces in each set, and will FORCE 
myself to wait overnight.

Both the blue and yellow can take longer times for a better intensity. I don't expect much variation from the last (3rd) round because in each case was a bit light as I hadn't started with a full 500ml of each.

Well I could only wait 5 hours...better than 3 or 1, sigh.
And they are close...but different.
Bright Spring green in 6 shades. That should hold me for a bit. LOL