Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Painting Day

The weather was perfect this morning, so I planned on painting.
I had picked and dried a lot of Queen Anne's Lace or wild carrot earlier in the summer but with all the disruptions I never got to use them.
They were certainly dry, but some had been too wet and the garage too hot and they rotted in the newspaper. However I did get a fair number of usable flower heads.

This is painted with 3 colours, gold and light brown and then over painted with an olive. While it may not photograph well it has lots of texture. The flowers didn't adhere well, hence, the overprinting.
I do love my "muddy" greens. But they are very useful in the background of many things.

I had better luck with the sun-printing with this gold piece. The paint was thicker and I re-wet the dried flowers to get them to adhere to the cloth better.

And yes there ARE letters in the centre of this piece. I had used this plastic coated board many times to pin my work to while it was drying. THIS time it transferred some of the label print to the back of the piece. LOL
It's a result of the very hot weather this summer. The board was in the hot garage and the heat probable weakened the bond of ink to plastic.
I doubt it will really be a problem when I use it.