Friday, 18 September 2015

AGAIN with T-Falls

I'm always on the lookout for fresh photos or version of Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park. It's a very popular locale and has been a good subject for me.

HOWEVER - I made the mistake of BAKING COOKIES, by request this morning. Now all I do is traipse up and down the basement stair FOR A COOKIE every time I think I need a break.

(Chew Chew......)
I found this new ( for me) photo.

Its a closer view and is about 1/4 falls. I really like making the waterfalls from chiffon. So this is the version I'm after this time around.

In all the previous versions I've used what I call "cheater " fabrics to interpret the rock. But I seen to be out of Grey rock material. So I decided to make my own sedimentary rock.
Don't have grey? I'll use brown. This is interpretive art, after all.

It's still cheater fabric as apposed to my paint or dyeing. Sigh!
I started by cutting WOF strips in shades of brown rock.

And some green rock

till it started getting boring.
So I cut the assembled piece in half and stitched one half to the other.
That gave me a piece now about 24 inches wide.
Then I started doing the earthquake thingy and made faults or slips.

I used a narrow 1/4 inch seam and cut and restitched until the piece was down to a bout 20 inches in width.

Could be an art piece !  LOL
I think I've seen things like this in shows.. " The Colour of the Rock" ???

Now I need to split it up the middle.
Time to be brave. That's where the photo comes in as a guide.
OH LOOK!!!! Cookies!!

Before I cut into this, I ironed a piece of light fusing product on the back. These fabrics tend to fray easily and all the seam endings were going to be at risk.

I put the whole on a piece of black batting. The reason for cutting into the fabric was to create a track for the river, and to create dimension. I would have been fighting a white backing where I wanted shadow.

A sliver of the sky material marks the waterfall. A  few layers of black netting mark where major dimension changes create the shadow.
This is fused down in most places. The edges of the waterfall are still loose to allow organza to be tucked in and manipulated.