Monday, 14 September 2015

2 New Projects

There are times when things are expected of you. There are events happening in our guild this year. Its the 25th anniversary. That's a pretty big thing.
I'm not really a party girl. I'm making the blocks and I will participate in everything that comes along, but its more that its expected, rather than my preference.

They are having a 25th Anniversary Block/Art event. I can't even begin to describe it. I have absolutely no clue how to approach it yet.

But our community at large is also having events. We're not a large city, and most of us have some rural contact or connections. We live on the edge of a large and vibrant Mennonite Community. They have fantastic relief sales each year and their quilts make your jaw drop.

Our counties also host plowing matches. This is not as hoky as it sounds. This is an important rural event that travels Ontario and different regions host it each year. Other provinces host them as well. They are a wonderful mixture of man-stuff and woman-stuff.
And of course quilts.
Our guild has committed to participating in some of their projects. The Match committee is sponsoring a raffles quilt that will be assembled buy the Mennonites from Art/Quilt blocks submitted by members of the local guilds. I was backed into a corner last year to submit a work. I really don't like that.
I had all summer, the lost summer, to think and rejected an number of ideas.

The theme...wait for it.........30 Shades of Green..................(collective moan)

I will enter two.
The first I finished assembling today. The second is a work in progress. None are original.

 There ARE 30 Different green fabrics in this Iris ensemble. I have yet to decide how to quilt it.
This is sitting at 16 inches sq. and will be cut down by the committee to 12.5.
And I remembered why I dislike paper piecing.

Later........I got this far. (I like the little nod to rural in the center. LOL)