Monday, 16 November 2015

UFO's Come in Many Shapes - Christmas Wreath

I've been sitting on the this kit for a least a year. I bought it on impulse in a fabric shop I was visiting with a friend. When she heard MY Christmas wreath was over 30 years old she convinced me I NEEDED  a new one... THIS ONE.

It passed in and out of my vision several times this fall so today I decided I DO IT!
As soon as I started it I remembered why I put it aside.
92 pieces, to be cut, folded and ironed.
But it went together smoothly after I got over my piecing snit! Wedges and prairie points.

The kit came with the cardboard template with which to mount the seasonal wreath of your choice. I thought at first this might be too "spring green" fro a Christmas wreath.

I even got this baby hot glued to the form. A little stuffing gives it a gentle relief.

I have the option of doing the one side or repeating the whole exercise again to make a BACK! an different wreath for another season?
Don't know yet.
( In retrospect, $30 for two pieces of cardboard seems a little pricey.)