Saturday, 14 November 2015

New Work - A Sunset

When a photo, picture or painting makes it to my monitor as my screensaver, I know this piece is happening soon. Having finished a lot of other commitments I was finally able to turn to this piece.
The events of this day make me want to tie into sadness and uncertainty surrounding the Paris tragedy. That could be reflected in the title. But for now. The process.

My fabric, painted last summer?

A full metre was a little large so I cut a piece ( OH I HATE doing that!) looking for a heavier feel for the bottom. Then as I had done with the large blue sky, I started stitching, this time on my domestic, setting the lines no more that 1/8 of an inch apart.

I worked for about 3 hours and this is where I am.

The thread intensifies the cloth colours. There is probably about 10 more hours of stitching ( Maybe less?)  Then I can over lay the silhouette I have on mind.

The hardest part is keeping those lines STRAIGHT. I stop and measure about every inch and find I'm often 1/4 out??! But its easy to correct with small changes.