Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sunrise - next step

The next step was to give it a contrasting large border in white. I auditioned a few in my stash and they ranged from purple to pure white. I chose a pale creme white on white.

None of the whites were capable of concealing the edge of the bold colour on the main portion of the cloth. I remedied that by sewing the chosen white to two layers of a yellow white. This gives ALMOST complete cover.

This is the only drawback to building a cloth frame to the work. The white always needs to be beefed up.

I maximized the pink surface, but that included one spot that missed the paint. This resulted in a pure white spot (left edge).

A really simple fix......... pink crayon. You can just see the spot. But this will be covered.

With what? you ask.
A black silhouette of grasses.

However, when I'm not confident, my second name is PROCRASTINATION.
I am so hesitant to actually stitch over this piece! (Remember the hours of stitching? That's another reason I slipped the wreath into the mix.)

I avoided it and decided to totally finished the edges first.

To get a perfect edge, I added the backing stitched around the whole piece and cut into the backing where the sleeve will be attached. After the piece was turned, pressed and edged with a line of white stitched, the opening was closed with a slip stitch.

So here it is.
(I went for a walk and STILL don't have the nerve to stitch BLACK onto this lovely confection of sherbet pink!)
Maybe tomorrow?