Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas Wtreath - Day 2

Here is the finished wreath on my front door.

After I put the wreath outside I realized that while it is protected from the elements it's not heavy enough to withstand the wind. And I'm sure a few days of intense afternoon sun will permanently damage and fade the fabrics.


So I'll find a spot indoors ( where my Bah Humbug hubby can walk by it daily and roll his eyes!)

In the end I opted for using only one side. I reasoned that a two sided wreath would cause some damage to the hidden side, if only flattening and maybe dirtying the prairie points. ( Actually I couldn't bring myself to do it all again!)

After gluing the fringe to either side of the prairie points, I glued the supplied red buttons in as random a pattern as I could. (A lot more burned fingers handling the little buttons.!

The second cardboard was cut out and covered with a christmas material, then glued to the backside of the wreath.

Cute little ( indoor decoration ) project but definitely not designed to hang out doors in a Canadian winter!