Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunrise - Finishing the Grasses

I was a little leery starting on this today after all the grief it gave me yesterday, but it sewed like a dream with the stronger stabilizer. As the thread layers at the bottom started to build I ran into some breakage with the standard Gutermann thread, so I switched to a thicker quilting thread Though it was more linty, I reduced the breakage and forged (mowed!) ahead.

I started out very cautiously in the bottom corner.

The painter's tape was to define my two axis, about 1.5 inches off the canvas. The piece behaved beautifully but as the grass lines became longer and moved away from the edge I had to get creative about the direction I sewed. I didn't want to put a crease in the stabilizer.

Almost complete.... but something was missing. Here our fields are filled with Queen Anne's Lace (carrot) so I added a stalk of the dead herb. And that little bit of sky at the top right. Geese.

I had to stop here because someone was asking about dinner...................!
I'm thinking tomorrow the grass line needs to be extended to the right and we need MORE GEESE!
Cautious though...less is often more!