Friday, 6 November 2015

A Wicca Moon - Getting Ready for the Solstice.

I've had this image , a sketch of a pin, on my computer for a while and spent a long time deciding how to use it. I collected it originally for use in the Guild challenge but I've since moved away from that.
But it's right up my alley and it just speaks to me in so many ways.
How to use it.
Then I came across this quilting motif and decided somehow to combine the two.

THEN I found this pin!

So the quilting motif is out the door and this Wicca Moon broach is the winner.
Now putting them together.

I had silvered material the other day and used the first piece to construct and perfect full moon. I was undecided how to mount it but chose a mottled blue to represent the night sky.

I had stitched this down but after I changed my mind about the quilting motif I remounted the moon and the blue onto a finished mounting that I cannibalized from another finished piece.

Now the fun begins, the creation of the tree and the sliver of dark moon.