Friday, 6 November 2015

Crescent Moon and Tree

After making a template on light stabilizer, I placed bits of grey material and then anchored them all with grey organza. I stitched only the top edge to the background.

The tree material was made with 6 strands of black  yarns, 3 different shades of black/grey. After twisting this tight I let it twist back on itself to give me a bundle of 12 stands of yarn.

Starting with the trunk of the tree, I anchored it using black netting. I will be sewing back over this, but the netting held the loose yarn in place to maintain the gnarled arrangement I had pinned.

Each branch section is done separately. The tips of the branches are really too fuzzy, so I tried taming them with a bit of glue by twisting them between my fingers.

One section complete. the rest tomorrow.