Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Starting Two New Projects.

I dislike long term projects. They disrupt my sleep and make me restless.
I wander through google images for hours on end looking for ideas. Free association!
Why do It?
I like being challenged and shaken from my routine.

One is for the Guild's 25 anniversary and is due in May.
The second is the new CQA Challenge due in April.

The fabric arrived for that today.

The theme is "Living a Life in GREEN" ( At least it isn't # Shades of Green etc.)
As before, I will hang these fabrics on my wall and stare at them every time I walk past. I will wait till I'm sure. Its annoying though, as I know I will spend a portion of each day searching for and rejecting ideas.

The second project and currently more troublesome is the Guild one. It's out 25th anniversary next spring and they have thrown out a rather monstrous idea for their challenge.
25 Shades of Gray (Silver). (This is following on the Plowing match theme of 30 Shades of Green.) Sigh.

But actually, I have acted on this one already, as we were informed of the theme last spring. I have collected at least 25 shades of Grey and yesterday I played with paint. Making background material and trying out a few ideas.
Grey implies dusk to me, so I KNOW a major work will involve trees at twilight. (And I kind of think that's already expected of me).
I did play with an earlier idea that involved duplicating an intriguing silver broach. The design was Celtic or Wicca in origin. I liked the flow of it and decided I would do it in cloth.

The sliver of moon at the base of the circles is......... Grey! (Silver)
The tree can have many shades as well.
This isn't large. Just some thing to try out some ideas.........

Like silvering white material for the moon. (pearl paint)

And while I was at it I came across a neat way to quilt it!

I have to think about this though as the tree is front and center and it might be a waste of effort.