Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunset? New Title - Sunrise

After looking at the colour blends in this I decided it was probably closer to a sunrise than a sunset.
It didn't take 10 hours today, but it did take 5.
Here's the original first.

And the finished quilted cloth.

Keeping the lines straight was done by checking the lines every inch or so. Minor corrections don't show. In all I'm very pleased with this finished Background.

I included a picture of the back. This shows clearly the spacing of the stitch lines. It was a great opportunity to use up orphan bobbins from other projects.

I do have a feature/finish in mind. A silhouette style of bowed grass. Though I did see a picture of a bird on a tree branch in silhouette too. It'll take a few days to decide, or rather commit to putting it on this background.