Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Guild Anniversary - 25 Shades of Grey

Nothing due 'til April but I hate having things hanging over my head.
I will probably create several pieces but to get me in the mood, I've finally decided on a first effort.

I came across this little guy on line. Very simple but rather effective.

In my EQ6 i made this paper pieced block.

From that I assembled this.
The blocks are 5 inches square so the total size of this piece won't exceed a square yard.
A nice size to inspire.

The parameters of this event are self evident in the title of the Guild Challenge. 25 Shades of Grey ( moan...Silver anniversary)

I'm thinking as a title....

25 Shades of Grey   or   A True Canadian Winter
 ( heehee ) 

I only have 21 shades here.....BUT WAIT.. there's my stash!

2:00 pm UGH...
I forgot it takes me a few pieces before I get the hang of it again...................sigh

4:00 pm Finally got my head wrapped around this process.