Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dogwood and Birch Trees - 3 - Lets Make Trees

About 200 I think.
Time to use the painted fabric.

The fabric I painted was a very tight weave Pima cotton. It's beautiful to dye but not fun to hand sew.
However it allowed me to cut strong strips 1/8 wide and narrower. The cutting was at right angles to the lines of colour. This gives every piece a "birch feel" with bits of black and grey and orange.

That jumble is ten strips, enough for twenty trees.

After they were positioned one by one I pulled off the shrubs so I could anchor the trees to the background. All I have done at this point was a dab of fabric glue at the bottom edge.

Another 40 trees and the shrubs are pinned back over the glued base. I have used about 4 inches of my fabric to this point. This picture was actually taken upside down. I've not decided yet how to anchor the trees themselves. If I stitch each in place with a narrow zigzag, it will distort the backing. I hadn't really wanted to stitch a line down each either. A blanket stitch is an option.

3:00 pm
In the end I decided to stitch ALL the little slivers down. I used a blind stitch and invisible thread. In the close up the holes from my needle show but that's unimportant, they will disappear under other layers. This will take awhile.....LOL