Monday, 6 April 2015

Blossoms - pinning the flowers

I spent a few days deciding how to fasten these flowers to the background. I mounted them all on netting and originally thought to simply run a line of stitching around each through the netting to hold them in place. But the netting is fragile and these are rather heavy pieces of fabric. I was concerned that, as they jut out 2+cm from the surface they might easily catch and be torn loose.

Driving a needle through the backing was a bit daunting. It consists of canvas, batting, two layers of painted Pima cotton backed with a fusible web material, plus the material from the flower. That's a lot of fabric.

It's slow work, but using pliers to force the needle though was the only answer. I decided to use the thread as an embellishment as well. Two strands of a pale green quilting cotton, pushed through and back in about 5 spots and then knotted, is clipped at the surface of the flowers. Just a hint of stamens, and a solid mounting