Friday, 17 April 2015

Dogwood and Birch Trees - 2

We had a light rain last night so I really couldn't do much in the garden this morning. I finished cleaning the beds but I'll let all the trash dry before I bag it. It gave me a little more time for the dogwood.

There is a feeling of solid shrubbery in the background. This is probably mixed and not just dogwood, so their colour isn't critical. Again at the back it will be almost entirely concealed. Putting it there is a safeguard for "holes" in the trees.

Using hooped netting I made 21 shrubs. As they will be so buried trimming them isn't really necessary.
Every time I finish a bobbin, I take a break because my "twitch muscles" stop working without a change of job. (Usually I eat........not always a good distraction.)

I made these with the same grey thread I used for the initial trees. However the bobbin colour becomes important here for subtly of colour. Using the grey in the needle, I used both cream and then smoky blue. Stitching on the netting allows competition between the thread colours. And the pieces can be reversed resulting in 4 slightly different shrub tones.

On to the next layer.

Still using the grey in the needle, I changed the bobbin thread first to a smoky lilac and then a pale green. I think I'm coming close to having enough fill.

The next step is to add some background birch but I haven't decide how to approach their branches. As they are still in the distance their top most braches will fill the sky.
Stitches? thread? Loose fibre? netted or wash away stabilizer?
I don't want to add the canvas yet because it will make this very bulky from that point.
I'm also thinking that the birch trucks will anchor all the bushes.

I hear birds in my garden.