Saturday, 25 April 2015

D&B - 9

When I sat down this morning to make another few dozen shrubs, I found my heart just wasn't in it. So I decided to finish one of the bigger trees  instead.

I finished putting in the dark streaks with grey, ran a beige/cream up the "shadow" side and white up the opposite side. I'm not sure there is enough contrast. The beige is not dark enough, particularly in the range of the bushes. The general effect is what I'm after.

However, this is a very hand cramping exercise. The twitch muscles use isn't much different, but I'm hauling the whole canvas in quick tight movements. .........

I think I'll go back to the shrubberies for a while.


Another 2 hoops of dogwood. (And one skinny trees..147)

As I come close to this front edge I'm thinking I would like to be rid of the netting for the last few lines of shrubs. I can always stitch right on the canvas but I thought I'd try using the wash away stabilizer.
I hooped a piece, stitched it and then washed it.

 Disaster! I was left with a ball of thread. That's how we learn.

The second time I pinned the piece, every tip to a piece of water proof board and washed it under a warm stream of water.

 Now I need to let it dry to see if this piece will hold its shape well enough that I can stitch it in place.

So here is one dry. I'm not sure its worth the time and effort just to have the branches clear of netting. And it yet has to be sewn to the background. I'm now thinking hand sewing would really be the easiest!?
4:30 pm
Well its been a busy day. I got a lot of things decided AND I managed to "disable" my Juki workhorse! ( I was cleaning out lint and pushed some thing that made an ominous "click" and now its stuck in that position..... sigh................)
But I finished the trunk of the six trees furthest to the right. Compare the first and last photo. Adding the grey gave it more definition. Now they have shape. Fortunately I'm only doing about 20, the closest ones. There are two very large ones I need to sleep on.