Friday, 24 April 2015

D&B - 8

There's a lot of stop and start and jumping around from here on in. And more shrubs.
As I move forward I have to add different detail, the bark of the birch trees. Not in their entirety but where they are overlaid with the dogwood.
I cannot foresee where other brush will fall yet so as a precaution I need to darken the boles of the trees.
Like a lot of the far background it may be covered over but.........

4:30 pm
I think I did 6 hoops of shrubs today. But the end is nigh! LOL
At this moments I have made 146 birch trees.........but I may need more.
Tomorrow will tell.
This is probably the finished size. I even dreamt last night about how I might finish this!
(That happens more often than I care to tell. And would you believe I've even been thinking a bout the next project? My brain never stops..........sometimes its not funny.)