Saturday, 4 April 2015

Blossoms - Adding the Wrought Iron

I traced out a pattern for the iron fence on a full size sheet of paper before I cut the length of cloth I thought I would need. As this was cut on the bias I stitched one side flipped it and blind hemmed the edge. At the same time I inserted some leaves behind the "fence".

I had thought I needed stems so I inserted some yarn as I was stitching the iron. After a first trial, I cut it off. It was unnecessary and almost distracting. But I really like the results of discharge dying to create the wrought iron.

I stitched down some of the 25 leaves. I still haven't attached the floweres and there still are more leaves. The bouquet is going to remain "floating" but I think that's okay.

But then I decided it was a little I added a Luna Moth.
Just the right colour.