Sunday, 5 April 2015

Blossoms - One more Flower

Looking out my window this morning it is far from a Spring Easter morning. It's hard not to get down when it stays cold and snowy into April.
Working on this piece reminds me of the potted Hydrangea my mother would place in the front window at Easter. She didn't like lilies. She found their smell cloying.

When I work on a piece I put it up at the end of the day as my screen saver, so I can keep the changes and the "what next" in front of me most of the time. No different with this one, and I quickly decided it wasn't done yet. It needed a bigger flower to add some weight. It would bring the number up to seven and as we know odd numbers are more pleasing in some art forms.

So I spent around 6 hours today making a flower. Mind you breakfast was in there and a load of laundry but I assembled a bigger one from four smaller pieces. My fingers are sore but I think I've got it this time. Pima cotton is hard and the addition of paint adds a little more resistance.

 After drawing out 3 groups of connected circles, I cut them apart. They look as though they may be much to big. but when I start to draw them up into little "yoyos", the fabric volume melts away.

By the time I was finished, an 8 inch patch was gathered into a 2 inch posy.

 I finished 3, but after stitching them to a netting backing, I decided I needed the fourth.

 I moved one flower from the center and replaced it with this new one. Now I feel it has a better balance and the Moth?.....she's sitting on the fence...for now.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......I need to rethink stems.