Friday, 3 April 2015

Blossoms - Putting it Together

I've done enough blossoms for now. I can always make more but I wanted to move forward on this.
I fused two different green materials together for leaves. Then I spent about an hour putting the dentation into 25 leaves. I think they are enough, but I need stems and I'm still working on the wrought iron.

I have this black material that is PRINTED not yarn or batch dyed. I use a lot of it because it has a bit of a mottled appearance, not a jet black. The backside of the fabric is a give away.
The wrought iron I have in mind is rusted, so I debated using a rust colour material and painting it black vs. using black material and discharge "dying" and revealing the red.
Obviously I went with the latter. I use liquid dishwasher detergent. It is CAUSTIC and releases the dye rather quickly.
I dabbed the detergent on with a small paint brush. By the time I had finished treating the fifth piece it was time to rinse the soap out of the strip. Dry and a quick press and my bias stripes are ready to be bent into wrought iron.