Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New Quiet Time Handwork

Ever since all the "jane" blocks went together and were mounted on the frame, I've had no quiet work, work I could travel with or sit out in the summer yard to work on.

So this weekend I started on a pattern I purchased last June.

I had been assembling the material for this over the year. I've chosen some FQ and with my last purchase of shirts from the thrift shop I' think I'm all set.

This involves embroidery both on separate material AND on the adjacent blocks. I thought it was unusual and charming. There is a whole series of these available.

So on my Family Day weekend jaunt to the Thornbury cottage, ( the ice IS out) I started the fist of sixteen "Pre" panels. These will all be joined to make a continuous loop of embroidery around the quilt . I'm rather excited about this one.