Thursday, 2 February 2017

Felted Tree - Day 3

We had a great time at our monthly Fibre Arts meeting last night. We were supposed to be needle felting figures or animals, some 3 dimensional thing. As the person who suggested the event wasn't there, no chose to do that! Most did some felting but it was all flat felting, as I'm doing. I think it was thinking about the up coming meeting that steered me to trying the technique for this piece.

I even brought an inspirational image of figure felting, from the Internet. After we all stopped laughing, they all declined! (Though everyone loved his "jockeys")

Back to less stimulating trees......

I started today "filling" the foliage. Colour blocking only. I switched to hand needling to get more control. (Only stubbed myself once.)
I'm working with 4 shades of green. One of them has threads of turquoise through it, which, while effective needs to be used sparingly.

There is probably another session for this part and then I haven't really decided what comes next.

2:00 PM - Well I KNEW I would monkey mind this one incessantly so I tried a few ideas. I couldn't envision beading something this large, maybe a few, but for the background finishing I think my meandering leaves will work. They are about 5mm in size. Any smaller and they get swallowed by the fibre.