Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Felted Tree - Day 2

There is a learning curve to using the felting machine. I now know how to change out broken needles. Actually I didn't bother to replace it. Eleven out of twelve is still a usable machine.

I also discovered, happily, I could "felt" the green material onto the backing. It is possible to run the netting through the machine and have it release very easily. It can be reused several times to tame a piece of roving but then it finally does shred.
rear view
As I looked at this blank tree last night I realized I really liked the fabric choice. With a little more care and fussy cutting it could have stood alone, in keeping with the original photo. But I decided to forge ahead. I can always do a another one later.

And promptly forgot my "Golden Rule". Start with the background colours. What I foolishly did was start with some foreground branches and played with a few different colours and fabric. I was not happy.

Then a little bird whispered "forget that part and fill the rest of the crown....with background colour".  I spent the rest of the day doing so. The results were more in keeping with my final vision.

Still a long way to go and I suspect that most of the additional felting will be needle felting, for  both precision and scale.