Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Adding Interest

The complete background is very common so it needs a focal point.
What else do you put on an ocean beach  ..... A Sandpiper (sp)

After scouting a number of photo sites I chose this one. Nice clear design and minimal mottled feathers. I've moved away from using embroidery thread to harder and larger quilting thread. It goes faster and the thread is much less expensive.

First the cartoon is drawn and coloured on a piece of stablizer. This was a stiff piece so I didn't need a hoop.
Then add colour.

I was undecided about the order and went back and forth a few times.
The white was last.

Here he is on the beach. The legs are just yarn for now. I won't add the legs until I stitch this guy on.
The hold up is the foam. It needs a better finish.