Saturday, 25 February 2017

One of those Eureka Moments

I spent quite a while last evening talking to hubby ( well out loud anyway...such a patient soul. )
Though I was happy with how the material was eventually utilized, the finish was still a question.
We started talking "storm" as suggested by the sky. A series of straight diagonal lines was his idea; I leaned towards curves in sympathy with the assumed curves of the roof.  Though I know there were black windows in the original picture he suggested a solitary a barn? Milking the cows at dawn?
Monkey minds, both of us!

This morning, I received an email from my son in law. My daughter is participating in the current Toronto Artist Project. Both are wonderful artists, she, with acrylics and oil and he, as a wood turner. We are always exchanging pics we think might inspire us.

The message was about Tracey Lawson. She is in The Artist Project this year. She has had work shown in several Canadian events and venues and magazine features. She's offering for sale the piece I saw 3 yrs ago. For me, it was a heart stopper and a game changer.
When I saw that piece again I knew it was the perfect way, the only way to finish my piece.
Thread Painting
Even then it took me an hour before I could begin. This is a big piece.

The right hand section beside the barn took 2 hrs.
This will take a little while! (I wish I hadn't sewn on the barns)