Friday, 3 February 2017

Felted Tree - Day 4

It was time to start lifting the colour in this piece.

Finding roving for needle felting is not always the easiest thing. There are several weaving centres in our area but all are at least a half day's drive. It was time for the McGyver treatment again.

Make your own roving by untwisting any yarn.
Rather than spend a lot of money on carding boards and brushes, I bought two inexpensive Dog Brushes. (I think these came from TSC but they are found in a lot of places.)

Cutting the yarns into 2 to 3 inch pieces works best for this size brush, and in less than a minute you have a nice bit of "roving" to work with.

Some sections of this are looking really good. This is an activity that for me, works best standing on my feet. So I take lots of breaks.

The addition of lime green really adds some life.