Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New Projects Need New Painted Cloth

The last few weeks have been frustrating.
I've had several projects whirling about in my mind. The hold up was finding the right materials. Nothing in my stash seemed to be right and I was changing the project to suit the materials I DID have.

In the end it didn't work.
I knew I needed to paint or dye, but the prospect of that, indoors, in winter was not attractive. It's messy and the drying time is much longer.

But after a rest and a change of scenery this last weekend, I decided TODAY I would paint.

This first piece looks deceptively simple but its all in the material.
In order to create something like this....

I painted this.

This picture is actually stained glass.

To get the same lightness but earthy feeling I'm going to start with this cloth. This one will require one more wash of paint to make it less sky and more water!


A wash of orange and touch of brown....... Much better.

And as classic as this picture is....

it requires a very dramatic background.

And of course I always need fresh yellow!

As of this moment I haven't decided which one I'm going to start with!
Stay tuned!