Sunday, 12 February 2017

Looking for Inspiration

I've been casting about for a few days now, for something new to tackle, a process that drives hubby up into his little cubby.
It's not fun and I understand I can be...not pleasant?

Yesterday, I took a little road trip with a friend to a bead shop. I did bring some home, but in the end I was not inspired.
We also scoured a thrift shop and I brought home some more shirts.

Some were luscious texture and some were soft plaids and stripes. Ive been collecting those, for a proper quilt that's been at the back of my mind since I BOUGHT ( yes, you read that right) a pattern last May.

I spent 3 hours today cutting up shirts. (Tried on a few LOL.) And then paired then with the FQs I had set aside as possibles for this quilt. This pattern call for a lot of FQ, 30+. I don't think I'm going to go all the way with that.  Reusing some of the materials is where my head is right now.

This is another Long Term thing. There is a lot of hand embroidery, which I may tackle as the weather warms up and I move away from "Jane".
In the mean time, I used this day productively and cleared some of the endless loops from my head.
In the mean time, these will be put away, again, together. When its time............