Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Felted Tree - Final

Not a very elegant name yet. One will come to me by the time I get around to adding a label.

I was very unhappy with this for a while, so I took a holiday.
I worked on my hand quilting, and tried to finish some beading. (It takes on a life of its own!). Watched a silent film...really?..Really!

Next morning I added the missing horizon line. This made all the difference for me.

I went ahead and finished all the micro work. It seemed to go much faster now that my mind wasn't worrying other things.

There are a few minor things to tidy up but I consider this finished. The jury is still out on the technique (though I was thinking of tackling a Bear tomorrow...).

And thanks to Hubby for using his BIGGER camera to capture the colour properly! XXX
(ps. I watched "The Sheik")