Saturday, 13 August 2016


A few months ago I came across this piece of art on Pinterest by S. Cummings.

It was just screaming to be interpreted as a thread painting. But yes I am VERY aware of copyright issues so I knew I couldn't copy this outright. So I went hunting with goggle images and found this boy!

Now I'm willing to bet that this was the original photo, but as it was floating out there unclaimed I copied this photo and did this...........

projected it on a wall.
I sized it and traced it out.

In fact I traced it 3 times, once on paper and twice on an interfacing.

I turned to my bin of left over greys from our guild challenge of last spring. I rejected most and got it down to a few.

Then I started cutting.

Now if you buy a kit it either comes with fabric already fused to a commercial product or instructions to attach a fusible web. All you need to do is cut according to the supplied pattern and iron in place.
Well there is no pattern but this picture and no fusible web. I cut part of the pattern and traced it on the back of the fabric.

This piece of paper is tapped back together after each cut until I have all the pieces I think need to be exactly ( or close to ) the same as my tracing.

I "glue" with a few dabs of school glue stick. to the second tracing.

After a few sections are roughly cut and glued in place, it becomes difficult to place smaller pieces. That's where the third tracing comes in, as an overlay.

I did 4 large pieces today; 2 grey, 1 brown and a pale beige.  That's where I'll stop.
More tomorrow.