Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wolf - Day 2 - Finished cartoon

I was little slow off the mark this morning. We had rain last night, almost an inch and the heat has broken. I had to spend some overdue time in the garden weeding including the front driveway.
Then hubby decided he wanted a BIG breakfast today. ( It was the only meal he planned as there are two soccer games being televised.)

But I finally got to this guy.
He didn't need much and now that all the major colour shifts are in place he's ready to go.

As I intend to mount this on a prepared background, a remnant of my "sky", I need to think about where to begin and whether to start with the whole thing hooped.

In the mean time, I have a quilt on the frame that needs a long arm finish!

PS. I just had a call from my sister in BC to tell me she sold the last of the batch of quilts I sent out to her. This one is on it's way to Germany, as a wedding gift.

(I think I'm over my creative funk!)