Thursday, 11 August 2016

One Week Later

It's hard to believe a whole week has gone by. I did actually work but I was away in the north with some good friends from my Fibre Art Group.

This is what's becoming an annual thing, our long weekend of good friends, lots of of sewing, some swimming ( skinny dipping this time and no, there are no photos ) wine and great conversation as only women can have.

I took with me some UFOs one several years old. When I got home I finally finished it ( after a few idle days of catching up on sleep and missed routines)

I added the three cutout leaves at the bottom and then spent a whole day stippling this in mono filament. My ankle kept seizing but fortunately a trip up the stairs to a box of home made cookies was a great remedy.
The binding was added yesterday, and now this bright and cheerful autumn piece is finally finished.

The other big job I took with me was one that needed a lot of cookie breaks as well.

These hand painted cloths needed another whole day of stitching tight lines in pinks and oranges to finish it to this point. I only managed to finish one and framed it when I got home.

The first one I had done last year using grass silhouettes. This one I choose something that I thought was a bit more dramatic.

No it's NOT Lollypops!
The finish definitely identifies them as Teasel, a common road side weed.

Before it gets the finishing binding, I have to decide if it needs a little more, maybe some grass to soften. ???