Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wolf - Day 6

Before I stitch the remaining colour, Black, I decided to mount the piece.
Had I thought the whole thing thru a little more I would have realized if I added a bit extra on the "cut " side, the straight side, I would have had material to wrap. I had originally though about a simple
pillow case finish. I resolved that issue by adding a dark grey binding.

Nice but not great.
So I pinned the wolf onto the remaining, un-stitched blue.

Better but not right yet.
I wanted something that put it back into the wild. I tried an number of woodsy pieces but the green colour clashed too much.
Great to have a varied stash because I found the right one.

The colours work with the wolf.
Now the decision is do I leave it with this "hole in the wall" look, or cut and mitre the background to look more like a window?