Monday, 22 August 2016

Quilt From the Northcott Prize

Yes I'm actually making a quilt!
I'm a bit brain dead so the mechanically nature of assembling a quilt is very relaxing and mind numbing! I put on a big U tube collection of Tragically Hip and started sewing.

There were 12 yards altogether. That's a lot of fabric. 7 were nice heavy solids and 5 were an assortment of geometric designs, all coordinated with the solids.
I found a nice little pattern delivered to my mailbox by Connecting Threads so I started working on this right away.

The pattern called for 20 different fabrics but I made due with 12 +1, my own background.

Using the solid colours to box, I cut the patterns for the centers. No colour box received the same patterned material more than twice.

This is about half assembled. The alternate rows will be staggered.