Monday, 15 August 2016

Wolf - Day 3 - Starting with small

Before I did anything with this I decided to add one more piece of fabric to lighten the nose area. It was too dark in the original assembly.
Next I covered it with netting and stitched over the whole piece with mono filament, just to anchor all the pieces.
Why? Since I plan to use a hoop I didn't want the distortion from the hoop to shift pieces that haven't been stitched yet.
Of the three possible hoops, I chose the largest to fully encompass my starting location, the ear.
This spot needs to be filled. It has an inside that is a very different colour and texture than the edges.
All these colours are in the ear. The plan is to work outwards starting with the darkest.
The first few passes anchor and stabilize.
Working with in that area there is minimal distortion, just up at the tip where the path of the thread curls.
There is a lot of feathering to be added but I'm not planning on doing that to this spot until its on the background.'