Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Wolf - Day 4

I didn't get much time to work on this guy today.
I spent a couple of hours this morning traveling north to the depot for the quilts that are entered into the IPM. I saw no point in mailing my entry.
Judging is Thursday. Who knows what will happen?
I also received an email request to give a presentation of my work and methods, so I spent some time seeing how far back my computer records of my work goes. I switched from a website to a blog about 4 yrs ago. And when hubby transferred files to a new computer I know some things didn't make it.
I haven't accepted yet. I need to be clearer in my head about what I have to offer in a presentation.

But the wolf did move forward.
There isn't much more I can do with the ear until it goes on the backing.
The task is to remember that the order of the colour does play a role. Several passes is better than one heavy deposit of thread. Those long guard hairs go on last. They are the defining colour.
I moved into the "fluff" behind and in front of the ear.
I started on the head..........then I ran out of bobbin thread. Always a sign to quit for the day.