Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cat-Tails in the Swamp

(Really couldn't live with a title like Swamp Thingy.) As my intention is to feature Cat-tails I've renamed this piece. A week later I'm ready to continue.

One of the reasons I've waited before going ahead with this piece is I needed to have a closer look at the features of boreal swamps in Ontario. I was in the Burks Falls area and you don't have to look far to find beaver activity and flooded meadows. I took some good pictures to help me.

( If you want to know what's in the background, it's  a piece of crazy: google Screaming Heads, Burks Falls.)

Colour and vegetation transitions were my interest. Dead trees abound but wetland vegetation is lush.

So let's recap where we left off. A line of trees was stitched at the horizon line. At least three colours in greens.
I started today, by finishing the sky. I don't usually do that this early but if was becoming a nuisance, unbound. Simple meanders to imply cloud.

Then I stitched some understory vegetation on netting to apply at the base of the trees.

It becomes important to establish how large your features at the front are going to be so the vegetation can be enlarged progressively as you move forward.

Another island of shrubs and dead trees. These stumps rise above the trees at the rear.

The little salt flecks of near white became the locations of clumps of scattered Cat-tail.
So after four solid hours, that's where we are.

These bands of yellow demand a different treatment.

The colour yellow begins to dominate the vegetation, the thicker the grasses become.