Saturday, 16 August 2014

Back to Work

Yesterday, I wasn't in the zone. Today I am. Yea!

Again an image had been percolating at the back of my brain for months. I was trying to find the proper way to express it. I suppose there is no proper way, but it has to appeal to me first.

I came across a lovely little water colour of a fox that I reduced to this. 3 colours.

I wasn't in the mood to do my usual fusible web applique so I tried another method. A friend had just finished using this different method to do a very attractive cut away applique.
After drawing out a template I layered all the materials that I was going to use, this time simple quilting cottons.

A full size cartoon went on the backside and I stitched all the lines in the picture.

Then I spent a very peaceful couple of hours listening to some Loreena McKenna and snipping out the excess fabric. Then another 3 hours satin stitching all the edges.

Who is this dear Reynard looking at? That's for tomorrow.