Saturday, 9 August 2014

More Paint Play

I have a few days coming up with some heat possibilities, so GOTTA PAINT.

I spent some boring time over the past few days trying to organize all the stuff that you start to collect with this activity. The paints themselves, containers to dilute the colours in, containers to mix the secondary colours and containers to make blends in. And As I'm doing all this I'm cognisant of the cost if I make MUD.

Consequently I'm mixing very small amounts and diluting them, perhaps too much.

The setting up time and cleaning up time is a nuisance but I am being over cautious and therefore really slow. I've not yet really proved to myself that this will wash out of my clothing etc. I've even taken to wearing my old chemistry lab coat or my big chef's apron. And on a hot day, they are hot. Doh!

So I thought I'd try some yellow today. I mixed a very small amount of gold/orange. Poured it over a wash of the primary.

This has some interesting movement for an art piece, and this is where I have to remind myself I'm not tiring to create an art piece.
Tried more salt and it worked minimally but I also (cause I can't leave well enough alone) added a bit of yellow Rit and Red Rit. There seemed to be more movement from the dyes than the paint today.

This one turned out very interesting. Only the primary blue and red but very diluted in some areas and more Rit powder. The blues and reds seem more responsive to the salt or the colours were more intense. So many factors. And the sun was definitely HOT now.
I did over paint some of the previous pieces as well but I was feeling a bit confused as to what I was really trying to accomplish so I stopped there and MOPPED up. I think I'm getting pretty close to the colour tipping point here.
Enough today.