Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Playing with the Paint

I think I'm hooked with this stuff, at least in the summer. To do anything other than simple painting I need the hot sun, and that's not been plentiful the last couple of weeks. And its brilliant, no respirators, not salt or other chemicals; very, very safe and easy cleanup.

My fresh order arrived with a whole bolt of pima cotton. ( I kind of feel obligated to make a blouse or something from it before I start painting 20 yds worth.) But I'm restricting myself to Fat Quarters. At least until I do something I want to repeat BIG time.

Lets start with my moping up cloths! Really!
After each painted piece is lifted from the plastic work surface it leaves behind bubbles of colour. I've been laying another piece over it to mop the remainder. Reds with blues and yellows with greens. These pieces are being built over time and are heat set between each appl. So this can go on until I decide its done. Definitely a one of a kind.

I wanted to work with blacks and blues and greens, in various shades of grey and colour intensities.

One of my NEW purchases was a small bottle of pearlescent opaque paint. It can be mixed into any colour. It dilutes it and lightens it but leaves behind a shimmer. I had a small amount, about a Tbsp. of pale green so I simple dribbled it over the addition of dark green on this previously set black piece. Being opaque it sits right on top.

I'm thinking SKY / WATER here. Over a watery blue backing I put a more intense blue and some purple. That was the new colour I mixed today. These start to look like pieces of Art rather than cloth to be cut up.

This was the only Fresh White cloth today. The purple diluted, full strength red and some dilute blue. The streaks are from folds and gravity.

The last one is the most exciting. Brown? Gold? Not sure, but a keeper.

This is the purple over a set yellow with red and then just a sprinkle of dry RIT crystals in yellow.
All are heat set, so permanent. A little bit of salt effect, but lots of character.

These intense colours are much more exciting to me than pastels. The trick will be not to muddy stuff.