Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Totally , TOTALLY 180 degrees Crafty stuff!

Well I succumb to the sewing urge...........and made trinkets. Yes Trinkets. Crafts!

I'm meeting 2 dear old friends in TO tomorrow for lunch. We used to work together. We watched each others' children grow, and now its a weddings and funerals relationship except for the occasional GIRL'S LUNCHEON. ( YES )

Should be great fun. AND I decided to do the hostess gift thingy. These little change purses were posted on another forum last week and I though I'd make a few. One of my friends has a GD as well as a DD so I had to make four.

The first one took about an hour...........the last one 15 minutes.
Looking forward to tomorrow.


PS: 8/14  5pm -Two hours on the road into TO and 2 hours on the road back out......but we had a wonderful time.  ( I'm the "baby" of the group, on the left.)