Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sunshine = Fabric Painting

Today got HOT quickly and unexpectantly. We were out shopping and I made hubby turn around and take me home.

(It's all his fault anyway. He encourages me...........and we'd hit the limit at Costco.......... Evil Store).

Last evening I was sitting in the garden noting how the understory branches of my elm tree were turning mottled shades of yellow and green. I thought the next chance I get I would make material suitable for leaves. And I did. These are both fat quarters. (Have to ration my materials.)

This may seem a little intense in colour but when only pieces are used, there will be some nice blends. A keeper.

The second piece I had a specific locale in mind, marshland or wetland. I deepened the green toward a muddy shade but didn't quite get there. An over wash of sienna or orange should do the trick. I don't need the sun for that. Sky is a little pale but grey. This one's a keeper too.

I'm learning how to get a hard line as I go. An application of a thin line of concentrated paint is laid down and then not brushed out. The subsequent application of wetter paint around it draws out the paint but generally leave a thin line. There is one at the top that looks like horizon with trees in the distance and a couple in the body separating the orange/gold.
To get a distinct grey sky I let the green dry and then starting at the top I gradually added a grey wash to within an inch of the green edge.